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How do I spoof thee, let me count the ways…

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2cents: (response to Roger Zhang’s comment re MH370 plane crash)

Roger, Roger,

How do I spoof thee let me count the ways
I spoof thee in the trench, hilltop and sea
My legs can take me, where no one can see
But yonder go I must just to spoof thee.

I spoof thee thy ChinEglish you speak so free
At TRE, when quiet befits thee.
I spoof thee freely, as here I can do
I spoof thee purely, for being a fool.

I spoof thee with a pleasure put to use
For logic like yours that is so abstruse.
I spoof thee with affection, now that’s true,
I am best people, I use words, not bamboo.
No hard feelings, Chinese brothers are we
Forget Malaysia, vote out P A P!

Seriously, despite others mocking yr English, I salute you ‘cos I wouldn’t have been able to say as much in Chinese as you did in English and may be wanting in going where dissenting angels fear to tread.

But stick around. You do have a starring role to play in the scheme of TRE things. 感谢您的参与(?)!


PRCs love peace & like to solve problems in a nice way

The writer only stay 2 yr China so he got not much understanding write of China. I am best people write China since I am a China citizen and also Singapore citizen.

All peoples here forget one important point: why the China family of MH370 so angry & shout? Why? This is the key thing. Answer: Malaysia gov refuse tell them where is all the plane passengers and are they now alive or died? So easy question but the Malaysia gov still refusing tell and hide the answer.

So how can you all blame China family people get angry and rude to Malaysia gov? Malaysia gov is the one wrong first.

China people love peace and always like solve problem nice way. If you respect them and honest to them, they same to you. But China people is not for bully. Like our President Xi say when he in German few day ago: 中国人不惹事,但也不怕事. [Ed. The Chinese words mean “The Chinese don’t stir up trouble, but they are not afraid of trouble either.”]

China got world best army weapon but we never go bully other country. China got world most money but we use it for saving other country like america and europe. China got world best technology but we use it make goods for other country use. But if any country or gov want bully or cheat China, 你一定没有好下场,一定死得很惨! [Ed. The Chinese words mean “You will surely not come to a good end, you will surely die a terrible death.”]

What the China family people demand is so simple : 要证据,要真相,要尊严. Proof, truths and respects. Why malaysia gov refuse give? The plane trip is only 6 hr but Malaysia gov take more than 3 weeks still can’t find where the plane and passengers. 6 hr trip but take more than 504 hr still can’t find the plane. How China family people not angry? How the whole world not angry with Malaysia?

Roger Zhang


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