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Singapore needs to address how we treat migrant workers – with help from int’l press…

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Below is my comment, one of similar ones that I have been writing whenever I come across any report highlighted on tremeritus.com that gives Singapore a negative take of the problems or situations that we are experiencing or observing in our Little Red Dot. This time it’s from <www.theguardian.com/global-development-professionals-network/2014/apr/21/singapore-address-treatment-migrant-workers> via <http://www.tremeritus.com/2014/04/23/sg-needs-to-address-its-treatment-of-migrant-workers/&gt;

My rationale is that we need the help of other reputable papers with their international audience to add to the pressure to bear to make the PAP change their blind-sidedness in some, nay many, of their policies. Perhaps, by making the call, some reporter somewhere will read it and spread the word amongst their own clique.

THANK YOU VERY MUCH, The Guardian, for writing and giving the space in your prestigious papers to highlight one of the moral problems that Singaporeans are grappling with.

The situation is one of a deliberate outcome brought about by a government in power for 50 continuous years and believing that they, the most talented and highest-paid cabinet in the world, can do no wrong while egged on by the rich citizens (mainly but not just property-related wealth).

As with ANY govt in power continuously for that long a time, their policies, as with all policies, have both positive outcomes along with negative collaterals. But the latter which include the poorer immigrant workers is vehemently ignored or denied by the ruling elite. They are, therefore, right up there in the hubristic state of arrogance and denial, unable to see thro’ the glittering GDP figures to emphatize with not just the immigrant workers but also our own lower income fellow citizens.

PLEASE, PLEASE, PLEASE do us all a big favour to spread the word around to all your fellow journalists and reporters in the other international papers about the story here in Singapore. Please help us to end the dominant ruling People’s Action Party reign and you will achieve 2 wonderful goals;

1) By the sword of your word, the International Press will have written a new page in your history how reputable international newspapers can for the first time in history acted as a catalyst to bring true democratic change to a nominally democratic Little Red Dot.

2) You would have cut Lee Kuan Yew, with due respect to him, and his flawed variant ideas on a country’s governance down to the size where they belong, a footnote in a 50-year experiment that started well but proved to be a dangerous, toxic mix of meritoguanxi (a bit of merit, lots of guanxi) and no-accountability. If nothing else, that is not a bad payback for the lack of respect he has held for the international press in general. You may wish to note that his son, the current PM Lee Hsien Loong has thumbed his nose at you all in general – relegating Reporters Sans Frontierres to irelevance in the role of the press in Singapore.

Please give us a hand to effect the
Change we Must.
If we do not end PAP’s dominance, then PAP’s dominance will end us.

Thank you.

(PS: You are our best source of international help. Whatever you write, as long as they are factual, the PAP has zitch weapons at their disposal to stop you. It is perfectly legal. It is no treason our request – this is the brave new 21st century world of globalization.)



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