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Reading the Tea Leaves of the PIDC Event – how it will likely play out.


Detractors & supporters of the PIDC event appear on edge as the episode moves onto the next stage. Will it proceed or won’t it?

Here’s my 2cents’ reading of the Tea Leaves how it is likely to play out….with everyone coming up roses! What more can we ask?

PIDC will be holding the event but NOT at Ngee Ann City, some place more ‘private’…at Hong Lim Park or Singapore Expo (if they, in fact, have the money and are prepared to spend that handsome sum).

Why? Because the law is clear that a public celebration will need to have a police permit. And, at this juncture, no Commissioner of Police (one of our many ‘scholars’ occupying high positions) will want to stick out his neck to take it upon himself to guarantee a peaceful gathering. He already screwed up at Little India & announced to the world that he is 1000 headcount short. So, he’ll cover his own tail and send the matter up to his boss, the Minister of Home Affairs aka the Dy PM. It’ll then be discussed in their cabinet meeting as Teo Chee Hean will not want to take it upon himself to make that decision even though it’s rather straightforward based on the legal aspects.

The decision will be No Go at Ngee Ann City but ok if somewhere else more ‘private’.

They, the highly-talented, highly-paid cabinet will then not lose face but instead will spin it into something positive, namely; the PM supported the event but the Police acted ‘independently’ (sounds good doesn’t it, that the organs of state are independent of the political masters, no?) according to the law and perceptive judgment to deny the permit at the requested venue for reasons of blah blah blah.

The PIDC gets to do what they want, now with free publicity as well as exercising their ‘right’ to such an event.

Those who protest can claim they score a win since they never objected to the event, just the venue (+ those bits about the rising sun, soldiers etc) – now that the venue is changed.

Either the above scenario or just as possible, the PIDC will be ‘quietly advised’ not to go ahead with the permit application as it will not be approved.

In this case, same thing sama sama lah, or LPPL as described above i.e. everyone comes up roses.


Wanna bet an adobo meal over buko juice?

(Event Epilogue:

None of the ‘yes-man’ in the cabinet will dare to tell the leader of the pack that he had been too quick off the mark with his 18 Apr FB posting, saying he was appalled, supporting his newbie Minister of Manpower. Tan CJ himself will be blasted instead for his 17 Apr FB posting without seeing deeper and further the real issue to understand the reasons, patriotic ones, of those who object to the venue but not the PIDC event itself. There you have it, multi-millionaire ministers handling of a small social issue. Trust them for another 5 years to manage national issues?)

Change we Must.
End PAP’s dominance or PAP’s dominance will end us!


2 thoughts on “Reading the Tea Leaves of the PIDC Event – how it will likely play out.

  1. OFr what its worth, I agree with your speculation. Despite this “compromise”, I disagree that this would have saved PM’s face. Opponents will declare victory because the celebration had to be moved out of Orchard Road. PM would be seen to be a loser — essentially, he lost his temper and opened his mouth too quickly. Not unlike slapping Dhanabalan in a fit of anger. The image of him scolding Singaporeans and taking the sides of Pinoys prematurely will forever stick.

    I’ll argue that even this “compromise” is short-sighted and has long-term costs. If a permission is granted for Hong Lim park this year, then it will be an entrenched right, forever. Our Pinoy friends will want to have the “right” to celebrate Independence Day openly in 2015 and 2016 and future years too. Imagine this playing out in 2015 or 2016 close to the elections. How will Singaporeans feel?

    If I were PM, I’ll let the police do a 180-degree U-turn and tell them that any PUBLIC celebration must be conducted in Philippines embassy’s premise. Any private event (ie. to those invited only) can be held in a private closed door premise. Just like how its currently done for all foreign nationals.

    You make one exception here, you open up a can of worms.


    • Hi, JG. I think yr point is valid; PM Lee has shown himself to be too quick off the mark, needlessly so. This is what I observe in my 27 Apr piece, ‘PDICS Episode: A Half-Time Commentary. Hence, the speculation I made in Tea Leaves is, the best out of, what you right pointed out, a hole that he’s dug himself.

      For the SPF to deny a permit at Hong Lim will be tough since there would be no legal basis to deny the permit, esp given its precedent. I wouldn’t see the ‘entrenched right’, as you put it, as necessarily a bad thing. If anything, it will contrast with how the other ‘richer’ countries can afford to do it at private venues while the Pinoys could not. Why?
      Also, it shows tt SGP, those tt object to the Ngee Ann venue are not anti-Pinoy.

      Anyway, it’ll be interesting to see how it’ll eventually play out. Thx for sharing yr thoughts here.


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