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….We are more or less the same….

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This article risks the ire of, as one commentator puts it, ‘the erudite writer’, Chris K and his bevy of TRE fans.

In light of the Yang Yin episode that continues to unfold before our eyes, Chris K’s wrote a pointed piece of the ugly Chinaman (or Russian) <http://www.tremeritus.com/2014/09/19/yang-yin-the-bitch-and-the-homo-sovieticus/&gt;, supposedly set free by the Commie “Socialism with Chinese characteristics” when, in reality, it’s more like Communism with Extreme Capitalist Characteristics. If Gordon Gekko indeed distils correctly Western capitalism as ‘Greed is good’, the Commie China-made YangYin bests Gekko with ‘Come on, Money, I love you’.

But I disagree with Chris that the worst of us originate from the Commie system.


If you will, please read this:

“THE milk was marketed as pure and wholesome, and it looked fine to the naked eye. How were the mothers to know they were poisoning their babies? They had paid good money for it on the open market. It would take thousands of sick children before lawmakers did anything to stop it.

China in 2008? No, New York City in 1858.” http://www.nytimes.com/2008/09/30/opinion/30wilson.html?_r=0.

The above quote is based on The Swill Milk Scandal in New York where contaminated milk was sold and, note this, continued to be sold over a good decade or so even after investigative reports were filed and many babies were dying from consuming the stuff. At least PM Wen JiaBao threw the book early at the perpetrators of melamine-tinted milk after a few babies died.

Compared to the Chinese melamine version, swill milk is “a filthy, bluish substance milked from cows tied up in crowded stables adjoining city distilleries and fed the hot alcoholic mash left from making whiskey….(then) doctored — with plaster of Paris to take away the blueness, starch and eggs to thicken it and molasses to give it the buttercup hue of honest Orange County milk.”

Welcome to America!

Compared to the ‘few Chinese dead babies’, the then NYT reported ‘the deaths of up to 8,000 children a year to this vile fluid’. That’s ‘8000 a year’ over a period spanning ‘as early as 1842, (when) a temperance crusader named Robert Hartley warned that city milk could be catastrophically tainted. Throughout the 1850s, newspapers published exposés of the distillery dairies and called for the city to close them.’ But to little avail.’

It was only in 1858, that the authorities stirred to “investigate a notorious swill milk dairy on West 16th Street” only to have the investigator (civil servant/politician?) “sat down with the dairy owners and drank a glass or two of whiskey. He (then) concluded that swill milk was just as good for children as ordinary milk, and anyone who refused to drink it simply had a ‘prejudice’.”

(Heck! Doesn’t that sound eerily similar to our millionaire cabinet responding to our cries of ENOUGH FT! with ‘Singapore belongs to everyone’ and those who object to FT are simply ‘bigots’!)

Anyway, the swill milk scandal shows democratic NY circa 1850s, Caucasians are not much different from the Commies with their extreme greed and political filth. The time, stage and actors differ but the script is about the same.

If still in any doubt, does everyone not remember how the Americans (the entire banking-related appartus, not just one YangYin, with their supposedly legally water-tight contracts made paupers of so many lives worldwide with their Lehmann Brothers moment?

Welcome to America!

To those of us English-speaking dafts who fancy ourselves to be more ‘progressive’ thinking that the west is ‘better’ than the ‘east’ and the Asian chauvinists alike who disdain all things western, let’s all take a deep breath and take another look at the facts. Are we not all kettles and pots, all blackened alike?


That said, west and east have positives that we should seek to adopt and adapt for our common good. Putting aside the past, currently, the west’s saving graces probably lie in the stronger application of rule of law and openness to contestation of ideas. And the east? Is it fair to say it’s still work-in-progress since Japan is mired in self-doubt, while India and China are focused on ‘money, money, money, it’s a rich man’s world’? Sorry, S Korean Psy’s Gangnam Style does not count, 2 billion Youtube views notwithstanding.

Hence, my case is that Singaporeans are experiencing the ills of the Chinese & Indians (including Malaysia origin) and Pinoys more because they are closer to home. But if the PAP cabinet allows more westerners from farther field in, as many ugly ones will surely surface – be it Commie-, Caste- or Capitalist-origin.

So, whither Singapore and Singaporeans?

The enlightened ones amongst us are calling for the swill FT policies to first be halted, then reset later. But who’s listening to the cries of our dying ‘baby’ (literally & metaphorically speaking) Singapore dream of a stable job, fair salary and reasonable home already sickened and some lives broken or sacrificed even?

Time to castrate the current ‘milkmen’ to save the 50-year old Independent Singapore baby? Or live to see the reality of a species nouveau a la homo PAPicus? Good one, Chris!

You decide.



One thought on “….We are more or less the same….

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