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In truth, http://www.tremeritus.com hosts some articles that are pedestrian. And, truly too, many comments are rude if not worse.
But it contains some gems – and more heartening – it now attracts more thoughtful readers, commentators and contributors.
I just had dinner with Richard Wan the editor Wed evening and exchanged views from 6- 11 pm. He’s a goldmine of current political developments. I have often requested him to come down harder on the more vocal, ruder fringe but he prefers to let TRE develop at a natural pace. He may well be right.
Anyway, here’s a very well-reasoned opinion piece. One that concerns, ironically, the very next generation that many PAP supporters think they are protecting when, in fact, it is anything but.
For yr convenience and to understand the context of the short article below, I give u the background to it.

A senior citizen wrote to voice his worries about his personal situation and how he had voted opposition in 2011 but how they appear to have not done a good job. One commentator responded by disparaging him – that’s the comment at the beginning of the pasted article below.
In further response, a different commentator hit out at the latter with a solidly-argued take. I hope you will read, understand and see the trajectory of what’s happening in SGP. Pls forward it to others as well who need to be told what Straits Times is not discussing.
Well, yet another commentator shared this pc of info, quote;
“My niece who is from a top junior college told me that a few days ago her classmate attended a school workshop. The day after, she asked him what was it about. She was shocked when she heard that the speakers tried to convince students of how good and important FTs are to SG and what good they have done for our country. Students were even told that news about the crime of FTs are few but the contributions made by the FTs are much greater.
WTF! Our traitor gahmen has even gone to the extent of brainwashing our young to accept their PWP in school workshops?
If PAP doesn’t get voted out at the soonest, SG will surely be demolished in those greedy fellas’ hands.”
Personally, I’m already prepared to pay the price for a drop in the value of my house – it is NOT a bad thing. It means tt my children will buy at a lower price – all 3 of them vs my one house.

@ Why you worry?:
November 12, 2014 at 10:45 am (Quote)

“At 70 you are 4/5 of your legs in the coffin why are you so worry about population growth? You yourself have seen the benefit of population growth since WWII and why you so worry? You better worry about yourself!”

You must be an incorrigible dimwit without a mind of your own only to be stuffed with PAP propaganda in your empty cranium that renders you oblivious to the problems that lie ahead for our future generations.

These are grave concerns that all right thinking Singaporeans, young and old, must come to grips with concerning the livelihood of our future generations.

That the government is abdicating its responsibility in caring for the people is crystal clear. These days, the seniors are told to downgrade, lease-buy back, reverse mortgage their hard earned abodes or to rent to live out their sunset years. They are simply kicking the can down the road for which the future generation will pay a heavy price.

Mind you, lots of us senior citizens have contributed immensely to nation building in taxes and national service only to be told that we are to fend for ourselves in the last lap of our lives.

Organic population growth after WWII produced a sizable number of baby boomers that propelled this nation forward working with an earlier group of able leaders the likes of Dr. Goh Keng Swee, S. Rajaratnam, Dr. Toh Chin Chye, E.W. Barker et al. Ironically, it will be the same group of baby boomers that will vote the current inept leadership team out.

Artificial population growth the past decade by inundating this nation with disparate aliens from all over the world can only sow social discord here in a dog-eat-dog world.

The “stop-at-two” policy was a short-sighted policy that yielded today’s problems compounded by a mad immigration solution. This is clearly untenable. Following this, there are many PAP policies today that will mushroom into crippling problems decades down the road which we must now nip in the bud and for that only the opposition parties can help.

The PAP is too deep unto its own in inbreeding and groupthink that they cannot see beyond their own in obsequious submission to the powers that be. The perfunctory debate in parliament on the PWP and that it was allowed to breeze through is but one conspicuous example.

For the seniors not to be worried, whether one foot in the grave or not, is a remiss in their duties towards the future of a Singapore for Singaporeans. It is both morally unacceptable and selfish that we only worry for ourselves. It is in worrying for ourselves that we also worry for our future generations.

From what you have posted, you are no more than a numbskull and the day will come when you reap what you have sown.

 A PG Speaks


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