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PM Lee, the PAP & The Paris Protest

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Here’s an interesting comment from http://www.tremeritus.com


“Je suis Charlie”. As Paris and the developed world gathered to defy the murder of cartoonists and reaffirming the Freedom of Speech and Expression, our PM reaffirms the character of PAP.

As the world gathered to affirm tolerance, our PM and PAP chose intolerance. As the world says we are one, our PM and PAP reaffirms their Master-Servant psychosis.

PM says we are First World Nation? Well, PAP may kid themselves, let us not be fooled by such derisory self praise. As the First World Nations gathered in Paris to courageously show their defiance of terrorists who killed cartoonists for no more than words and pictures, our PM chose to sue a blogger for expressing himself if inaccurately.

The PAP government may send condolences to France, but the murdered Charlie Hebdo editors and employees wont thank them, they have indeed taken Voltaire’s words “I do not agree with what you have to say, but I’ll defend to the death your right to say it” to their hearts and their grave.

Yes, there is a social political culture that makes Charlie Hebdo’s works offensive to many religions, in fact they mostly satirized not Muslims but Catholics. But as one of the murdered editor said in previous interviews, “dont tell me how to live my life”.

And while I may have some choice words to say about Charlie Hebdo’s works which I disagree with, I accept that it is indeed their right to express themselves, and in a real First World Nation like France, that is their narrative; “Liberty,Equality,Fraternity.’

We may have the trappings of First World Nation, but our government is nowhere near First World, instead of moral right they rule by law, instead of intellect they use demagoguery, instead of competition they monopolize.

We as citizens must cultivate our own culture independent of the defunct PAP. It is not about being polite. It is about tolerance and robust dialogues. And even as real First World Nations send condolences to France, I wonder whether PAP feels a sense of irony and hypocrisy sending condolences to Charlie Hebdo, people they would have jailed or sued anyway.


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