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“I’m Charlie” vs “We’re PAP”

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TRE’s regular commentator, @BK, made a prescient observation, “’Je suis Charlie’. As Paris and the developed world gathered to defy the murder of cartoonists and reaffirming the Freedom of Speech and Expression, our PM reaffirms the character of PAP.

As the world gathered to affirm tolerance, our PM and PAP chose intolerance. As the world says we are one, our PM and PAP reaffirms their Master-Servant psychosis.

PM says we are First World Nation? Well, PAP may kid themselves, let us not be fooled by such derisory self praise. As the First World Nations gathered in Paris to courageously show their defiance of terrorists who killed cartoonists for no more than words and pictures, our PM chose to sue a blogger for expressing himself if inaccurately.

The PAP government may send condolences to France, but the murdered Charlie Hebdo editors and employees wont thank them, they have indeed taken Voltaire’s words ‘I do not agree with what you have to say, but I’ll defend to the death your right to say it’ to their hearts and their grave.”

Even as we applaud the Paris unprecedented March, Singaporeans should not be blind to the politics at play to exploit the sympathies for political ends. Politics being politics.
Hence, aside from the contrast that @BK draws for us, we can draw another lesson therefrom. A lesson in similarity instead of contrast. A lesson of further evidence of the true nature of the PAP beast, out to exploit situations for their party’s interest instead of Singapore’s and Singaporeans’. Just as how President Hollande, in this momentous Parisian event, tried to boost his own and his party’s interest above all else.

Read, “The principal absentee was Marine Le Pen, the president of the Islamophobic, far-right Front National (FN). She was not invited to march alongside other French political leaders but Mr Hollande urged her to attend as an individual. On Saturday, she attacked the ‘hypocrisy’ of a demonstration of ‘national unity’ which excluded a party supported by one in five French voters.” Paris March (The Independent, UK)

Does that ring a bell for us Singaporeans? In place of ‘march’ insert ‘National Conversation’. In place of Front National, insert ‘Opposition parties’. And in place of ‘one in five French Voters’, make that ‘TWO in Five Singapore Voters’.

A PM who calls himself ‘PM, Singapore’ excluded, from his team leading the National Conversation, representatives of the 39.9% Singaporeans who have views different from his and his PAP.

As a pragmatic and fair people, based on the evidence before us since GE 2011, citizens must ask ourselves 2 questions;

1. How many PAP MPs do we need to change the light bulb?
None. No single one sees the need to change what’s not working since they prefer counting their
money in the dark as much as keeping citizens in the dark.

2. How many Singaporeans do we need to change the bulb?
Two. The One who’s already seen the need to convince Another One to vote wisely. If you are
the One, then it’s your job to find Another One to help make that change.

Please focus on doing that. The secret of success is constancy to purpose.

Stay focused.



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