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A Call To Arms (Introduction)


Different views on when the next GE will occur have been discussed. Each has her own idea about the timing. What’s interesting is that the one person who should know exactly when does not appear to exactly know when.

The PM has the final say on the GE date. He tries to impress as the master strategist, demonstrating his AOS (‘appreciation of situation’) prowess to Singaporeans. He rallies his troops at PAP60 Conference, 7 Dec with his distilled 3-point grand vision and First World Govt triumphing a First World Parlianment imagery. (But how is the former possible if without the latter to draw the cabinet from?)

He has read his Sun Tzu, apparently, ‘All warfare is based on deception.’ So, as if a masterstroke to throw off the opposition, he says the GE may not be held “when everybody is expecting it”. Really? Is there actually, is it possible to have, ‘a time’ that ‘everyone expects’? Poppycock.

Maybe, as mere mortals, we can’t possibly understand when a deity utters words or ideas only angels or demons can appreciate. Like when we face difficulty figuring out what a Woodbridge Hospital inmate tells us sometimes.

But PAP Chief Strategist appears to unwittingly allude to the key weakness his party faces. Like a new found religion, PAP suddenly and openly advertise that, after 4-5 decades of offering only academically-brilliant (mostly unproven) candidates to renew their breed, now animal lovers, culture buffs, non-grads, grassroots ‘Victors (Lye)’ and practically everyone can now be invited to an exclusive PAP afternoon tea.

Regardless the spin, the fact is that PAP 3G leadership has shown no change in their long-held belief in academic success. Did they amend the Constitution given such a fundamental shift? Nope. Were hints already given earlier – remember their long-term planning DNA boast? Nope. It’s seems like a one-off, throwaway remark. For proof, watch out cosmetic and token non-grad candidates to be introduced later.

Were PAP serious, they would have said so immediately after GE2011, not now, barely 2 years to the next GE.

The PM’s spin is he wants a more diverse cohort of representatives in response to a more fragmented, more vocal society.

We think we know better. The hard-truth is: unlike the PAP of yonder years, theirs is not the attractive Sampan brand name it once was. But now a leaky Sampan 2.0 that, not only potential new ones wish to distance themselves from, even current MPs are working out their personal exit strategies whether openly or on the sly (sorry hor, PM, my wife says I must spend more quantity not merely quality time with our kids…but also my mother-in-law). Rats, we know, are the first to realize when to scurry off a leaking vessel.

Anyway, whilst we all cannot agree on the actual timing of the GE, we can reasonably agree that, sans the headcount (87 candidates, maybe a handful more as reserves), there will be no GE until the legal dateline of Jan 2017. Nonetheless, time is short and the battle ‘deadly serious’.

Why A Call To Arms
Absent a good agent or mole in the PAP’s innermost circle, we cannot know when PAP shortlist enough heads. But the GE beckons, regardless. And Singaporeans face this existential threat – born and bred citizens being outnumbered by citizens of convenience (PAP’s convenience to perpetuate their reign) after 2017. We who are clamouring most noisily for change must be already equipped to work the ground to effect the change we demand. Or we’ll live to regret too late.

Remember, the incumbent is formidable, very strong and cunning. Therefore, all hands must be on deck. That means not just Opposition Supporters and Opposition Party Members but also Civic & Civil Leaders and even PAP Supporters, indeed, All Singaporeans has a part to play.

If our underlying common aim across all strata of our society is not for a ‘Singapore is for everyone’ but to build the Singapore that we can say, ‘I only regret that I have but one life to give for my country’ (Nathan Hale), then every voter counts.

Hence, the Call to Arms.

Let’s discuss, over the next few weeks, the small but effective roles and actions we all can and should take to push our county along that desired direction.

We shall explore;

A Call To Arms (Part 1) – Opposition Unity…How About This Idea
A Call to Arms (Part 2) – Civic & Civil Leaders as Change Influencers
A Call to Arms (Part 3) – PAP Supporters…The Party Is More Than The Sec-Gen
A Call to Arms (Part 4) – Singaporeans: Give Us Back Our Pledge
A Call to Arms (Part 5) – Opposition Supporters as Change Agents

An ambitious agenda. But we must give it our best shot. With a more focused discussion, better clarity, we can indeed effect the Change we Must and end PAP’s dominance with the wisdom of the TRE crowd.

We have nothing to lose and much to gain.

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2 thoughts on “A Call To Arms (Introduction)

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  2. Talking about victors and the vanquished, this Victor is so desperate to be fielded (had been trying for years – why not? Good career move – million dollar iron rice bowl), that he is willing to be fielded in Aljunied. Even if he loses in the coming election, he can count on being smuggled in a GRC (unless that GRC does a Aljunied redux) at the next election.

    However, before he’s even been introduced into the arena, he had already antagonised Singapore voters by treating them as children:
    “The electorate is changing. We call it the ‘teenager effect’. You can’t speak to our children the same way we spoke to them when they were three or seven. When they are 12 or 14, the same message has to be delivered differently.”

    How nice, he’s given 1.5 year no-pay leave to do grassroot works.

    And he’s saying PAP is greedy: https://likedatosocanmeh.wordpress.com/2014/12/27/20141227-victor-lye-admits-the-pap-is-greedy/


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