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AHPETC-gate: PAP to HDB Voters, “Here’s Why You Should Vote Us Out !”


My initial concerns when the saga made front-page and 3, 4 full pages of news were that Workers’ Party (WP) had walked right into PAP’s trap and it’s a serious blow to the Opposition electability in general.

How could WP, having won the first-ever GRC in S’pore’s electoral history, not be aware – and fully cognizant all the time of the consequences – that a vindictive PAP has its finger on the trigger to call out any sign of incompetence and/or wrongdoing? Also, absent in social media is the obvious but unspoken reality that some non-WP supporters are thinking, serve the ‘Wayang Party’ right for their arrogance and silence on other issues that opposition supporters are vocal about. WP should not take their support for granted.

And whilst die-hard opposition supporters will spin PAP’s spin to fit their own preferred view of the episode, the more important consideration is, “What’s the likely impact on FMMs (fence-sitters, marginal supporters, mal/mis-informed voters)?” It bears repeating and repeating that FMMs are where the next GE will be won or lost. Not the ‘kpkb’ opposition supporters nor the PAP IBs.

PAP’s Strategy
Allotting 2 parliamentary days to debate AHPETC-gate and deploying 3 ministerial guns, not to mention the #153-ranked mainstream media going to town with the happy news of WP’s ‘unlawful’ behaviour, suggest how pleased PAP must be with this staged public flogging.

(As an aside, I have been waiting for this opportunity to test Law Minister Sham’s own assertion of non-defamation to label him a ‘fool’. Hence, I say he’s a ‘fool’ or at least foolish to accuse WP of ‘unlawfulness’. If he so thinks, then send in the CPIB. Otherwise, we call your bluff, Minister of Law, sir.)

PAP thought they landed themselves a freebie to ‘fix’ WP. In one fell swoop, WP, the GRC-intruder and strongest Opposition party of the day, have done themselves in. As such, ‘kiasu, kiasi’ Singaporeans will think twice about electing more opposition MPs who are deemed financially and operationally incompetent to handle estate management issues that affect voters’ daily lives.

No surprise, PAP went for the jugular.

PAP’s Blindside
It’s been said too often how ‘crisis’ written in Chinese brushstrokes refer to ‘danger’ & ‘opportunity’ combined. But so it is. In PAP’s current offensive, Opposition parties find themselves with free ammo, critical to their GE campaign…I see Minister Stumblebum’s (Chan Chun Seng) paw prints all over this half-baked ‘strategy’?

The following should be judiciously used at the next GE rallies – by ALL opposition parties and in unison of purpose.

Two questions to ask HDB voters.

If voters (and not the PAP) paid for the computer software for use by a PAP Town Council, is it legal that when PAP loses a seat in an election, that same software is ‘owned’ by and therefore can be taken away by the defeated party?
Why should HDB households be made to pay for the incoming Town Council’s ‘new’ software when they own the existing, functioning one?

Voters should sue PAP for withholding, or thief, of intellectual property.

Rally slogans for next election. “Depoliticise Estate Management!” or “Return Estate Management to HDB – for a cheaper, better and uninterrupted living environment”
Turn the tables on PAP. Using the AHPETC-gate snafu, to ask the voters, “Why should your daily, municipal concerns be under threat of disruption with a change in your MP?”

In the same way that a school located in an Opposition ward remains firmly under the management and direction of the Ministry of Education or the safety of our woman, child and man under the Singapore Police Force (Ministry of Home Affairs), so it should be with estate management.

Vote in enough Opposition MPs to sponsor the first bill in the new parliament, ‘That all HDB estate management should be reverted to HDB as it was prior to the Town Council Act such that citizens daily lives are not needlessly affected by a change in their MPs, reduced costs from economy of scale can be enjoyed and opportunities for potential smaller acts of corrupt practices currently spread over many Town Council tenders can be eliminated.

Opposition parties all, here’s your chance to turn AHPETC-gate as a unifying strategic move come next GE.

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3 thoughts on “AHPETC-gate: PAP to HDB Voters, “Here’s Why You Should Vote Us Out !”

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  2. Sound logical.
    But i have two questions to ask too.
    1) Are all TCs run by PAP spotless?
    2) Are all the TCs really cheaper than AHPETC?
    Come on, untill all TCs are transparent who is to say only AHPETC has shortcomings and the rest of TCs are “perfect”?
    i not stupid O. K. though i am only a-man-in-the street.
    Yes if we have to cough up our “blood-sweat” money interest free as a “bridging loan” to AHPETC, we should do it. i think it’s time to show ordinary Singaporeans really feel for each others. So that Aljunied GRC residents would not suffer because of some “Stupid Ivory Tower’s decision to withheld the $7 million to AHPETC just because PAPYs has not been voted in here. i am waiting for the ball to roll. Hope it will snowball into an avalanche of “self help” (people helping the people) if $7 million is really with hold to AHPETC.
    i don’t understand what Papys are doing with the 7 $million (with holding it) even(in the worse case) if there is a court case for AHPETC to answer, why must residents be penalised too. What FF logic?


    • Thx for yr comment – and support of the interest-free loan. I’m working on something that, hopefully, will set the ball in motion. I do hope you will then come forward to do your bit.

      With kind regards, 2cents.


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