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AHPETC-gate: Here’s My S$1000/- Loan To Serve Your Residents


To understand PAP true intentions with AHPETC-gate, the best approach is to look at what their big guns, the ministers, have said thus far.

Representing the legal angle, the stern-looking Law Minister Sham specifically characterized AHPETC actions and management to be ‘unlawful’. This is staking PAP’s high legal grounds. The intention is to appeal to the segment of voters who consider the rule of law a major pillar in governance.

Representing the face of a caring, selfless, citizen-focused government, the boyish Education Minister, with not much of a commanding presence given his height deficit, came out on one of his rare occasions to speak on non-education issues. Speaking rather softly, almost mother-like tones, he put ‘residents’ interest’ front and centre of the issue. “Mr Heng wrapped up his speech by stressing that this motion is not about partisan politics and pointing out the many failings and questionable practices of WP, but it is about electing MPs with integrity, a deep sense of responsibility and taking the trust of people seriously. (link)

Finally, we have the grandiloquent sound (I do not say ‘voice’) of morality in the form of a sagely National Development Minister Khaw. He was ‘sadder’ listening to WP MPs’ ‘political, arrogant, evasive etc’. (One wonders why ‘hypocritical’ didn’t cross his pure, enlightened mind.) He even pontificated, with a straight face, ““I am also a very religious man. So, where possible, I try to help. Whoever. Doesn’t matter. …If you are honest, you are clean, I would do my best to help you.”

Khaw’s Ministry of National Development will follow thro’ with 3 items, namely;

(a) AHPETC to remedy the problems – To submit an unqualified set of their FY2013 financial statements to MND by 30 Jun this year, and FY2014 financial reports by 31 Aug this year. – To deal decisively with the gross incompetence of its MA.

(b) MND to suspend the S&CC Grants MND has withheld this year, FY2014 S&CC grant from the AHPETC worth about $7mil.

(c) MND to amend the TCs Act

My sole intention of this article is to address the suspension of the $7mil S&CC grant. Here’s how we, firm believers in ending PAP’s dominance, should put our money where our mouths are.

I am NOT, or ever was, a member of Workers’ Party. Many TRE readers here may recall that I’m unemployed (now, a month short of 40). I have still 3 children 20 – 25, still studying with a mortgage to service.

In short, I am doing this not without some effort and pain to my dwindling funds. I would like to offer S$1000/- as an interest-free loan to AHPETC and call upon ALL true blue Singaporeans, regardless your support of political parties, to join me to do likewise. Regardless the reasons for WP’s failure, inexperience or neglect in this episode, let us all come together and show the hypocritical PAP ministers what it really means to ‘pledge ourselves as one united people’.

Let us show our concerns for AHPETC residents, whether they voted PAP or WP. They should not be penalized by a Town Council system that is in practice anything but apolitical.

The money we put at AHPETC’s disposal will be strictly a loan albeit without interest. And full payment must be made within 7 working days upon receiving the S&CC grants from MND. Workers Party,

I now throw the ball into your court. Set up the mechanics for the collection and proper recording of our money that we are loaning to AHPETC.

…and, if I were a Workers Party MP, I would hang my head in shame not to have thought of this idea to use your considerable income as a stop-gap loan for use by the Town Council while failing to give PAP no reason to fault AHPETC. Time for you, Mr Low, Ms Lim, Mr Manap, Mr Chen & Mr Singh to put your money where your mouths are, offer loans to AHPETC so that your residents do not suffer any drop in the quality of municipal services.

To fellow citizens who believe in my proposal, you can be assured that your loan is 100% safe and will be fully returned. MND cannot not pay AHPETC, only delay its payment.

See what geniuses the cabinet of 5 generals are – handing us all a golden, cost-free opportunity to demonstrate our disgust with their hypocrisy and political fixing and punishing citizens as collateral damage instead of selflessly serving us.



11 thoughts on “AHPETC-gate: Here’s My S$1000/- Loan To Serve Your Residents

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  2. I’m concerned that PAP is winning mindshare over the AHPETC-Gate. Although the target of the attack is WP, the collateral damage is all opposition parties as it raises doubts on opposition competency and integrity. It does not matter that their accusation is groundless because the war is often won on perception. (E.g. the Russians are fully behind Putin on the Ukraine invasion.)

    I wish the opposition has a campaign strategist and publicist. Today’s GE is no longer a child’s play and it requires sophistication, planning, and financial support. I strongly recommend the following opposition strategy to counter the PAP.

    All opposition parties, WP/SDP/SFP/NSP/RP/SPP/etc, must work together. They have a shot of gaining majority – YES MAJORITY – in the upcoming GE. Take a page from the successful Republican Revolution of ’94, http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Republican_Revolution. The opposition must campaign against PAP, not among themselves, on one UNIFIED message. It is the “Contract with Singapore” based on winnable election issues (CPF, Housing, Medical, Education, Transport, Immigration, Employment) and NOT “fringe” issues (LGBT, Liberty, Freedom). The “fringe” issues can be addressed after the election but they have been a net negative in past elections.

    If the opposition can unite on one message, it will provide assurance to the voters on government transition. It will generate tremendous POSITIVE press that even the MSM cannot ignore.

    The opposition is fighting a formidable and entrenched PAP and they desperately need to employ modern strategy and approach. Not much has happened in opposition politics so far and I am afraid that they are going to waste another election cycle without coordination and planning. The time is RIPE for opposition to take over the Parliament if they take the bull by the horns now.


  3. /// Xmen
    February 18, 2015 at 3:42 pm
    I’m concerned that PAP is winning mindshare over the AHPETC-Gate. ///

    Fear not. Mindshare yes; heartshare, no. In fact, I would even go on to say that it is back-firing badly.
    People are fed up with the entire PAP machinery bully a few WP MPs. With at least 3 ministers doing tag-team and piling their bodies onto the opposition. And the Sham Minister had to resort to fudged figures.

    The old one-trick pony is resorting to the old hatchet way – and this is what puts off people. Just wait for the next GE results and let’s see what the mindshare will translate into.


  4. @The,

    Time might have changed. But I am sure you know what common Singaporeans still think of CSJ today and of RN now. Never underestimate the power of MSM. For example, on the Ukraine matter, there are two opinions, that of Russian people, and the rest of the world.


    • The more things change, the more they don’t. CSJ is different – never thought much of him anyway. He was too personal and for his own good. In trying to go against the PAP, he will latch onto anything just to discredit PAP and the government and got back more than he bargained for. Just an instance to let you know what I mean. In his book “Dare to change”, in a portion on SIA, CJS tried to discredit SIA (and the government in the process – not sure why he linked the two together – maybe because the govt own a major share of SIA), because SIA’s profit was down. I mean, at that time, all the major airlines in the world were bleeding red ink, and there he was, running down SIA because its profit (still profitable, mind you) was down? Running down for the sake of running down.

      Ravi is in a class of his own, and I don’t think I have to add anything.

      Never underestimate the man in the street – they have the power to discern responsible opposition and those who oppose for the sake of opposing or playing to the gallery, or to the foreign press.

      The power of the 153rd? Presstitutes. David Marshall got it spot on about the press. [Ctrl F for running dogs in the link below.]



      • Let me just comment on the statement –

        “Never underestimate the man in the street – they have the power to discern responsible opposition and those who oppose for the sake of opposing or playing to the gallery, or to the foreign press.”

        It is a very loaded and subjective statement. For example, what is a “responsible opposition” in America – republican, democrat, or neither? I am also perplexed by “oppose for the sake of opposing”. It conveys nothing except that you are very upset about the other side. It is a sound bite and has no substance.

        Many views have been shaped by MSM/school/culture/etc in the Singapore society. People are viewing the world through the prism of their past experience and instilled belief system. It happens everywhere. But the phenomenon is far more acute in Singapore than elsewhere.

        As to CSJ, he is far more intelligent than you suggest. To be on LKY’s hit list, you have got to be somebody.


  5. Hi, @Xmen & @The!

    Thanks both for yr current and previous comments. Both I find highly relevant and interesting.

    I believe @Xmen is the same one commenting @TRE website.

    Anyway, I have got Chris K in town and we are meeting up. Would any of you like to join us either Sat or Sun (21, 22 Feb).

    Pls send me a mail, mr_law@zoho.com. Look forward to yr response and, perhaps, the pleasure of meeting you both.

    Rgds, 2cents.


  6. @2econdsight,

    Thank you for your invitation but I shall remain anonymous at this time. Just as there are anonymous charitable donors, I have chosen to contribute to public discourse anonymously. Keep up your great work. I wish you a great year ahead!


    • Hi, @Xmen!

      I respect yr preference.

      That said, a discussion thro’ websites is never the same as face-to-face interaction. I’m as concerned with privacy and confidentiality as the next chap. However, when personal contact warrants and better serves the mission of exposing the government (any government, not just the current one or party), then I would like to initiative contact and/or participate.

      That is how I suggested meeting with Chris K. Our privacy & confidentiality are not compromised – even if the ‘risk’ may increase. But as what Richard Wan rightly observed to me more than once, all our cyber footprints are traceable beyond doubt, so as much as the internet never forgets, so it is that anonymity is a false comfort to a large extent. The important thing is to size up each person and, as much as possible, pick to interact with honourable persons with honourable common purposes.

      If you change yr mind, pls write to me directly. Thx again and many happy moments and a healthy year ahead!


  7. @The & @Xmen, thx for both yr active engagement here and on the AHPETC topic.

    With regard to the mindshare vs heartshare & MSM vs man-in-the-street, what I know for certain is that the situation on the two juxtapositions is anything but clear. For those who are mainly feeding off the social media alternatives to MSM, it’s amazing to read how confident almost all commentators are of the inevitability of PAP’s soon-to-come fall fr grace. Likewise the otherwise if you read those sites that are pro-govt and, of course, the MSM’s readers’ pages (except when you visit the websites instead of the hardcopy publications).

    What more mindshare and heartshare, concepts that are difficult to quantify.

    Take the e.g. of Chee Soon Juan. My personal view is immaterial to what I observe. There remains many detractors (even amongst opp supporters) as much as there are now voters who are would either sincerely support/vote for CSJ or, simply ‘cos he is not but against PAP – never mind his past.

    Therefore, my 2cents on the battle raging is that it’s too close to call.

    The only sure, and I stick my head out here with such certainty is this: For those of us deeply committed to change, to end PAP’s dominance, the simple and effect thing that I can do each and every day is to share some info with another Singapore about the political situation we now face. Of course, one has to tailor one’s msg and approach to the person one is addressing.

    In my case, the fact that I have been unemployed for so long appears to touch many of those I speak to. They’ll almost to a man/woman hear me out and acknowledge that Singapore is not what it used to be and what it should be.

    That’s why I get upset at the stupidity of some opp supporters who shout down or make snide remarks at those who previously voted PAP but now change their minds. Such idiots will only do harm to their own cause. Downright stupid, I have to say.


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