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When The Khaw Talks Cock…He Crows Nonsense


Khaw Boon Wan, Minister of National Development, Chairman PAP and ‘probably
Singapore best Health Minister ‘ (that according to the PM who promised Swiss living
standard only for his elites but Swiss living cost for the rest of us and who appointed
him to the post) , appears to be styling himself as the Spin King Extraordinaire with
his latest Budget debate speech. ​

Please bear in mind how this self-proclaimed, practising religious man, very forgiving,
instead of apologising for a serious lapse (first time in 25 years) in the Fernvale espisode,
chose to spin the Butterfly Lovers tale to deflect responsibility.​

It has come to the point where instead of assuming integrity of info in the august chamber
of parliament, I now need to fact-check ALL claims that ALL PAP ministers make.
Likewise, WP’s info. ​

I am not in the real estate business. So, with regard to the preface to Khaw’s claim
of the ‘more benign situation’ (i.e. public housing) in Singapore, I did a check on info
available on the net. Here’s the result of my trouble.​

Chobham Manor vs HDB – Profit-seeking Private vs Public-Service Housing​

Confining my brief research to the Chobham Manor development, we can now compare
almost apple-to-apple.​

: By subway, Chobham is about an 18-min-1.5km from the nearest Stratford Int’l Station. ​: 13-15 min to London Financial District (Stratford to St Paul’s/Chancery Lane,
Central Line)​
: 23-27 min to Hotel/Shopping belt (Stratford to Bond/Baker Street, Jubiliee Line)​: The similar SG location would be area around Eunos/Kembangan to Raffles Place,
EW Line.​
: Or area surrounding  Yio Chu Kang/AMK MRT to Orchard Road, NS Line.​

Housing Type
: Private development (not HDB public housing).​: Mix of exceptional range of new 1, 2, 3, 4 & 5 bedroom homes.: Price from £450,000 for a 753 ft2, one-room ground floor unit. Comes with ‘private    ​
rear garden and allocated parking space’​
: i.e. about S$1225/ft2.​
: No info available on the ownership period but I’m told that it then means either 999 ​
years or freehold. Even if leasehold, renewal of lease can be had for a small amount,   ​
unlike in SG where the top-up can be ridiculously high and not automatic. Or it auto-​reverts
to Govt land bank.

: Nobilia, Siemens & Zanussi-equipped kitchen.​
: Gap sanitaryware & Porcelonasa tiled ensuite bath.​
: Full underfloor heating with battery back-up.​
: Turf/Deck where applicable.​
: Full details in pg 6 of downloadable brochure.

Journalistic Sensationalism & Ministerial Sloppiness 

Furthermore, Khaw’s convenient use is proof of his second-hand car salesman approach
(in parliament, at that!).​

It’s common for media editors to think up sensational, attention-getting headlines.
That is what not only The Independent but also London Evening Standard did with their
respective headlines;

“Londoners queue overnight in sub-zero temperatures to buy one bedroom flat for £400k”
& ​“House hunters queue overnight for chance to spend £400k on a one bedroom flat”.​

On closer reading, The Independent actually referenced The Evening Standard’s report.
We also learn only ‘dozens of Londoners’ queued to get a shot at the limited first phase
of 35 mixed units up for grabs and a photo showing about 15 in the queue in front of the
sales office. What’s more, amongst those interviewed is a “K Chiu, 37, a restaurant owner
from Hong Kong, said, ‘I’m buying this as an investment in London, abuy-to-let. It will be
amazing after it’s completed and I think the area around it will have developed really nicely. With Crossrail coming here and the number of students from nearby universities
looking for accommodation, hopefully the rental and selling pricewill go up quite a bit”…
sounding almost like a kiasu, PR or a citizen living in a subsizied HDB flat and wanting to make a small killing. A mindset moulded by years of PAP-controlled
brain-washing for the daft and greedy ones in our midst, never mind the less-fortunate
struggling to make ends meet.​

Regardless, we all can understand journalistic license. But how becoming is it for a
‘PAP-proclaimed honest and personof integrity’ to either be sloppy or, more likely,
selectively speaking words to mislead citizens from the august room of our Parliament?

Let me state unreservedly, I take no pleasure spending time researching and analysing,
fact-checking to blast PAP ministers. PAP has constructed a system that makes for almost
an unreasonable streak and over-reliant attitude in Singaporeans in their blind pursuit of their Party’s continued reign.

Ministerial jobs are not easy, I concede that. But the line must be drawn when ministers
mislead, deceive without batting an eyelid. And when they believe in their own heresy that
they are the only ones capable and honest to govern Singapore to the absolute exclusion
of those who do not share in their ideology and under-handed methods of politicking.​

I will continue to draw and to highlight that line. Not for those who are hell-bent either as
enraged detractors or die-hard supporters of the PAP. I do this for the rational FMMs
(fencesitters, marginal supporters andmal/misinformed voters) and urge them to fact-check
what I write as well as question the ‘truth behind the beauty, the meaning of the beliefs’ that
PAP espouse. If PAP point to the beauty of the HDB success, ask what is the truth behind it
that make captive of us Singaporeans servicing our mortgages only to face retirement inadequacy
and then having to face the prospects of moving out when older or tolerating a stranger tenant
in the flat. Asd what the meaning of their practice of meritocracy is when we see that their connected ones (via PA, RCs, GROs and, even in the cabinet and the top ranks of TLCs & GLCs)
are landing all the plum jobs.
Never stop asking.

“In all affairs, it’s a healthy thing now and then to hang a question mark on the things you
have long taken for granted.” – Bertrand Russell 

“He who asks a question is a fool for five minutes; he who does not ask a question remains
a fool forever.” – Chinese proverb 





5 thoughts on “When The Khaw Talks Cock…He Crows Nonsense

  1. I agree that one shouldn’t compare public housing for millions of people to £450,000 private housing for perhaps 100s of people.

    Unfortunately, many less critical readers of MSM will probably agree with Khaw and his stretched rationale. For every reader of alternate media, there are probably 100 readers of MSM in Singapore!

    Singapore is pretty hopeless and has remained crippled by propaganda for decades. I suspect even the western press has given up on Singapore, especially after being forced to pay damages on unflattering articles by the local court.


    • Pertinent observations all. But let’s not despair. Turn turn turn…there’s nothing new under the sun. There’s a time for hopelessness, a time to renew one’s hope…and that time appears to be on the horizon…

      When we come to the place where the road and the sky collide
      Throw me over the edge and let my spirit glide
      Can’t you see, it’s getting easier to tell
      We are just a corner from the new heaven and a lot further from PAP’s hell
      (apologies to J Browne)

      Keep asking
      Keep seeking
      Keep knocking 🙂


      • I’m actually a very optimistic person by nature. People should dream. Dreams make things happen.

        But the reality is that dreams may be outlawed. So people move to places where dreams are allowed. And they flourish.

        I seemed to recall dreaming in 2011 too.. LOL.

        That said, 2015 is no 2011. We shall see (/dream)…


  2. Where was khaw in 1965 when the clock strike 12.
    It about sovereignty.

    Where ever did khaw serve national service.
    All his appointed tenures. Health ministry : means testing, home in malaysia. 8sgd bills
    Mnd: fernvale tender. You name some more.

    Sorry to say i never like him once. Where he is now is because who he has been with. And to think he can do wonders to my hdb flat now with what he is doing to the people in hougang aljunied, to borrow the words of a prominent minister for nothing, i would be worried.
    Beware of one appearing like a sheep and while you sleep, he comes. Ravenous like a wolf, sly and stealth he devours you and take your abode lock stock and barrel and still you have to pay. A slave no end. These capitalist ideals for your vote. I think not.

    You know i think you should have means testing apply to a ministerial post like
    – for male all shall have done ns a national duty or are singaporean by birth. (Yes even tan wah piow much that he had to get out of singapore).
    – If they have medical problem they should not hold office. The pay is too much if you have to be absent from your duties. We do need self serving individual here.
    – not serving for more 2 term office. This will mitigate tsarist ambitions.
    – must have at least serve in an elected single constituency ward once. Non pseudo testament.

    I had nothing against any former malaysian.
    In fact i am overseas most of my time. And i have wonderful friends from princes to the workers in the shipyards from the mountains and in the seas. Always welcome.
    Sadly i come home to singapore worried that i may not be welcome home and possibly deny entry.

    Watch the banks. Who owned them. And You will know why. CPF is only the tip.

    But i am not ever saluting no ns serving marshmellow running my town.

    Where we go if anything happens to singapore. Malaysia?. Got no farm or family ties. I got no history there. I do love any other country but staying over as guest.
    My folks simply were never crossing the causeway 1965. Nor can i remember any coming over. Do come and work but no true singaporean should ever let these ft minitoots ride over us whether the caeser approved or not. Minister especially.

    There finally i spoke……for my children. Hopefully for your children. And if it the last thing we ever do so be it.


  3. He claims to be a Buddhist – may the karma be with him.


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