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Please Please Tell Me Now, Is There Something I Should Know…

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I wish to allow  myself this preamble.

From what I have read and known, my blog, SG Press Freedom of Speech: 3 Sides To The Story, has been the only one that directly requested Dr Lee Wei Ling to ‘please have the 2 versions – unabridged, ‘unedited’ posted in your FB. That is all that is needed to ‘settle the issue’ by the court of us Singaporeans.’ Perhaps, Dr Lee read the 5 Aug blog and decided to go one step further by sharing the email exchanges related to her disagreement with the Straits Times.

We are all grateful to her for the effort. Thank you, Dr Lee!

Now let’s take a look at new info.

“Please please tell me now is there something I should know….”

Before that, we must give her credit to tell AWSJ that what is happening is ‘a Singaporean matter’. She did not say that it is a ‘family matter’. And so it is because if her claims were true, every Singaporean will be deeply affected and more than concerned.

Further credit should also be given her for her stand that she ‘always try to stick by the truth’. I firmly believe that Jesus’ words, ‘you shall know the truth and the truth shall make you free’ (John 8:32) apply not just in the spiritual realm. For e.g., if the doctor doesn’t know (diagnose) the true state of your condition, you are unlikely to be make whole from his treatment.

So, what is the truth behind Dr Lee’s claims? Or, to put in another way, what does she know that we do not? Let’s try to make some educated guesses.

(To keep the legal wolves from the door, let me state categorically that what I now write is merely speculative. There is no intent, either overt or covert, to make any claims whatsoever against anyone living or dead. This is purely an exercise in open analysis to try to understand why Dr Lee said what she did. In fact, it is an exercise in critical analysis, much like the GP subject I took in pre-U.)

Dr Lee’s 3 Assertions
‘HL has no qualms (about) 1) abusing his power to have a commemoration just one year after LKY died, ‘ Dr Lee wrote.

‘Let’s be real, last year’s event was so vivid, no one will forget it in one year,’ she added and warned that ‘if the power that be wants to 2) establish a dynasty, LKY’s daughter will not allow LKY’s name to be sullied by 3) a dishonorable son.’

What’s Suggested or Implied
1. Abusing his power
We can understand that to mean ‘the use of one’s position of power in a way that is not proper or allowed’, perhaps, usually for a purpose not in keeping with the power bestowed upon one.

But why did Dr Lee preclude that with ‘he has no qualms’? ‘Qualms’ means ‘an uneasy feeling or pang of conscience as to conduct; compunction’ (TheFreeDictionary).

Is Dr Lee suggesting that HL possesses not a pang of conscience to do what he would do to commemorate LKY’s passing for a purpose not in keeping with what is proper? By pre-qualifying her assertion with ‘qualms’, is she implying that it is a practised habit of sort (perhaps, it’s been done often before, and/or it’s been thought through very thoroughly already) such that one’s conscience is numbed?

2. Establish a dynasty
This one is tricky. I doubt very much if such a subject is ever openly discussed between brother and sister. So, the only reasonable guess is that she must have observed, heard or read something that gave her the impression that HL wants to establish a dynasty.

So, what could she have observed, heard or read?

The motivation of establishing a dynasty must only come from with the family members, the prior, immediate or next generation.

Based on Dr Lee’s revelation, being her daughter who has already kicked her brother in the teeth over her papa’s legacy, we can take her word that LKY had no such intent. Only the die-hardest detractors will believe that the current spontaneous open feud is a master act of pure deception. Then again, that’s argument is impossible as it now puts complete paid to any young Lee as the next PM or the one after.

So, we are forced to look for clues with HL and his family. Could it be those seemingly small acts during family gatherings (at birthday celebrations, wedding, funerals etc) that Dr Lee has observed/heard that gave her that idea of the desire of a dynasty in the making?

Could it have been how some family members fought over who should be the one in the order of line-up during a funeral possession, the eulogies or even the protocol of who to carry grandma’s/grandpa’s photo?

But that’s all pure speculation. Only Dr Lee knows the truth as she saw it. Only she can tell us.

3. A dishonorable son
To be dishonorable is to bring shame or disgrace (in this case) to one’s parents as a son.

I personally think that LHL has tried his darndest to live up to his parents’ expectations. But that’s just my own view. Let’s get on with our critical analysis.

What could LHL have said or done that is interpreted by Dr Lee to be dishonouring LKY’s name? Well, one way is to look through what’s on public record to see what LKY wanted done particularly when he could no longer decide for himself or has the power (like, as when he was PM or SecGen of PAP) to make a difference.

Well,  LKY has never criticised LHL administrations, at least, not publicly or directly. But Dr Lee might have seen or heard during family discussions or when alone with her papa.

Let’s see. LKY is on record to say that he despise all the hero-worshipping. OK, that one is already adequately covered these 2 weeks. What else?

Aside from his wish to demolish his Oxley Road house, LKY also‘signed an Advance Medical Directive, a legal document instructing doctors not to use any life-sustaining treatment to keep him alive if he cannot be resuscitated.’ Was that legal instruction carried out? We don’t know for sure. But we do know that LKY was breathing with the help of ‘mechanical ventilation’ for close to 2 months before he was finally reported to passed away. Dr Lee must have known about the directive. And as a neurosurgeon, she would have understood, more than any of her siblings, how mechanical ventilation-assisted breathing was not in keeping with, if not the letter, then the spirit of her papa’s directive.

But, perhaps, as only a daughter in a Hakka family, it was not left to her to say, ‘let papa go, let papa go NOW’ much earlier? So, perhaps, she read the prolonging of papa’s lifeless life as a dishonourable act?

What else?
What else is knowable but not known to Singaporeans?

Only Dr Lee can tell us. We can only cheer her on to ‘always try to stick by the truth’…and, perhaps, reveal the truth, the whole truth in due course.

Meantime, for all the worldwide ruckus she’s created, I salute Dr Lee for not trying to explain the deletion of her posts because, well, she’s only a ‘Facebook newbie’ who was clicking here and there for fun or to learn the ropes and accidentally kicking her PM-bro in the face for the world to see.

For all the differences in views about her Facebook postings, I urge all Singaporeans to set aside our differences and celebrate the fact that Dr Lee is a bigger person than being a liar in this national episode.

I personally think she calls a spade a spade – even if all the spades are found in her own garden.





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