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Chee: Dogged Dog or Reformed Recalcitrant – Only One Way To Confirm


Dogged dog?

Though the PAP have not said it, there can be no doubt that it is not beneath them to be thinking in those terms at the highest levels. Recall the almost reflexive posting of the middle-fingering monkey? The way the election is fought by both the incumbent party and the insurgent candidate and his supporters, Singaporeans will likely be straddled with the Chee enigma for a some time to come. What good is that?

On Chee’s side, he has indeed paid a heavy price. Unlike any other current opposition politician, he has spent time in jail (not once but, the last count, 10X!…my respect, man!…even if some jail time were self-inflicted), made a bankrupt and, probably the only PhD holder with a PhD spouse living with 3 kids in a HDB 3-room flat.

And, notwithstanding the unfortunate events surrounding his takeover of of Chiam’s Sec-Gen post, we have to give it to him for keeping SDP in better shape – at least, organizationally –  than how Chiam left it. SDP leads the Opposition in the use of social media. They have produced pretty comprehensive policy alternatives on a range of national issues.  And, from what I could tell, the SDP Youth Wing is one to reckon with despite not having the same resources as WP or PAP.

To the reasonable person and from outward and visible appearances, the man appears to have not only rehabilitated his negative past but made SDP a party with hat still in the ring.

Chee dearly wants voters and Singaporeans to view him as a Reformed Recalcitrant.

What about the PAP side?

They lost no time at their first rally, applying megaphone electioneering to call (again) into question Chee’s rebellious, ungentlemanly actions . There have been loud complaints of ‘character assassination’. But ‘character assassination’ is ‘the slandering of a person usually with the intention of destroying public confidence in that person‘. Therefore, whilst there’s no doubting the PM’s & his colleagues’ intent (to destroy voters’ confidence in Chee), strictly speaking, they are not character assassins,. Their claims are based on factual and historical legal records. Slandering being verbal defamation, Chee has not indicated he will seek redress under the law.

What we can reasonably say is that the PAP leaders lack confidence in their election game plan. They, as $millionaire political professionals using taxpayers’ money to party’s advantage and their own monstrous party machineries, still choose to fall back on hitting under the belt.

The PAP Sec-Gen neither explicitly denounce nor deny that no less than his minister and speaker of parliament started hitting out with references to Chee’s person, engaging in unsavoury, cynical insinuations. For good measure, he threw in a few of his own self-righteous observations (when, hey, he himself was dissed as ‘a dishonourable son’).

So, without having to repeat their claims, the PAP basically paint Chee’s character as a ‘dog'(contemptible person), albeit a dogged one that refuses to go away.

Now, Bukit Batok voters, do you not agree that going forward, Singapore and we Singaporeans have got much more important matters to discuss and fight over? To focus our limited resources, time and energies on life issues than always listening to what our fellow citizen Chee is about, what he stands for? If nothing else, it’s downright boring to hear the claims from both camps. It makes our politicians almost sound like the current Republican candidates, Trump & Cruz.

So, please Ms & Mr Bukit Batok Voter, do yourselves and all Singapore this BIG favour, vote for Chee Soon Juan! Give him 4 years at Bukit Batok to prove to you, to us citizens, and to the PAP bullies if Chee Soon Juan is the Dogged Dog or a Reformed Recalcitrant. It’s the only way to confirm the claims either way.

There is nothing to lose for Bukit Batok residents whatsoever. The S$1.9 mil town project is already in the bag whoever wins. And PAP will work even harder to try to win your votes back if Chee is voted in.

If you are still hesitating, remember that PAP leaders do approve giving themselves and citizens a second chance. As they have shown by not revealing the names of those responsible for causing the death of 8 of our fellow citizens. So, if nothing else, you are walking the talk of giving Chee a second chance.



2 thoughts on “Chee: Dogged Dog or Reformed Recalcitrant – Only One Way To Confirm

  1. It is commendable during this by-election campaign that Dr. Chee has chosen not to respond in kind and instead focus on the issues at hand. However, a long lingering thought about Dr. Chee and the SDP is: Should him and his party prove to have the capability in forming the next government, what is there to say both person and party will not morph into another LKY and PAP?

    In regards to the incumbent, after doing the initial rounds on the campaign trail, Mr. Pillai appears content to have his election campaign hijacked by the PAP political machinery which is actively engaged in a smear campaign. This shameless effort is led no less by the prime minister himself, who in personal opinion, is one whose heart and mind is dulled by pride while greed has robbed his wisdom. Meanwhile, some of his peers have merrily jumped on the bandwagon of shame, perhaps to prove their worth after receiving their thirty pieces of silver. How foolish to debase oneself for finite and uncertain riches! I digress.

    Back to the by-election, it is my sincere hope that residents of Bukit Batok will give Dr. Chee and SDP an opportunity to prove themselves. And not least of all, for the sake of future generations, to steer the country in a positive direction. On a personal note, I would gladly like to be proven wrong and put to rest all reservations of the man and his party.

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    • Hi!

      Thanks for your keen observation.

      I agree with you. The best outcome would be either a win for Chee or a loss bigger than what his colleague got in GE2015.

      Either result will put to rest what S’poreans think of the current CSJ and/or PAP’s brand of bully politics.


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