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Whither LKY’s La La Land?

Starting with the obvious; the answer to any ‘whither’ Singapore question lies with our youth, leaders of our tomorrow. 3 incidents give cause for real concern.

First was the graffiti on the roof facade of Blk 85A Lorong 4 Toa Payoh in May 2014.

Second, the fake Prime Minister Office’s announcement of LKY’s death 18 Mar 2015.
Third and finally (maybe not), Famous Amos’ rant last week.

Once, they say, is an happenstance, twice a coincidence, three times it’s enemy’s action (Ian Fleming’s ‘Goldfinger’, 1959). Earlier, in Chicago’s gangster era of 1920s-30s, variations were already cited with three times being ‘a habit’ or ‘a moral certainty’. We shall come back to this observation later.

What are the common threads in what would have been 3 almost non-events or mere incidents in other First World lands but make international headlines (with the hoax, in more ways than one) for LKY’s La La Land?

One, as already mentioned, all 3 happened in LKY’s La La Land aka as ‘Disneyland – with the death penalty’ (William Gibson, Wired, Sep/Oct 1993), incidents like these are not supposed to happen, not even once in 50 years.

Two, all 3 drew their ‘inspiration’ or motivation from PAP-related governance of Singapore. None of which is complimentary in any way. The first is forthright in its condemnation and exhortation; ‘F*** the PAP’ and ‘WAKE UP SG’ (in caps no less)…as if to shout out the urgency of their exhortation. As if they the young are able to see more in their relative innocence than the rest of us daft adults busy chasing after the legal tender. The second stands out as mocking the very death of a ‘founding father’ credited with the almost god-like miracle of giving the perpetrator his good life and education. The last one directly celebrating the death of LKY in a way diametrically opposed to, different from and during the very worshipful, mourning mood week itself, no less.

Three, all 3 were committed by 16/17 year olds. Youths who range from being social dropouts to the average or above average talents. These are our youths, whence reside the leaders of tomorrow Singapore.

Deliquent or misbehavour exist everywhere in Singapore and in varying degrees. But if it’s not once, twice but three times within a year that such behaviour is played out on the national stage, is it then no accident or coincidence but…

  • ‘enemy action’ (or conspiracy) which is what the PAP leaders would expend state resources to find a ‘fix’ for,
  • or ‘a moral certainty’ that warrants more civic lessons in LKY’s globally-acknowledged education system (how ironic),
  • or ‘a habit’ that ministers must, first, blame on concerned parents and, second, the latter must remedy.

Is that it? Is that all?
There is another variation to the observation i.e. ‘three times it’s a pattern’. If so and if it correctly describes a generation of Singapore youth born entirely with the internet that knows nothing of and is raised thro’ nothing but LKY’s system of governance, policies and all, then all Singaporeans must be very, very worried – even and especially if LKY’s current PAP do not see it as such. It’s not just the education system but also the parents who raised them and, very importantly, the larger social dynamics within which they also interact within daily.

Do we see the bigger significance of what these youths may be hinting to us or calling out the systemic malfunctions, if not failures, of LKY’s legacy – never mind the glimmering Singapore shoreline for us and the international eulogies for him (and, some like to believe, by extension LKY’s present PAP)?

There are 2 possibilities before us;

– “The honesty and efficiency that Senior Minister Lee has brought to Singapore are likely to follow him to his grave. “ Samuel Huntington

– “The society Lee Kuan Yew has shaped will not…follow him to his grave…It may not look like the Singapore of Lee’s time…(but)…will thrive so long as our children know that the future of Singapore belongs to them.” Ho Kwon Ping

Will it be the stark assertion by Huntington? Or the conditional observation of Ho’s?

Or is there a third possibility?

The possibility whereby our surviving parents of the overlapping LKY’s generation and we as parents come together to honestly see that the current PAP has gotten it all wrong in the current context with blindly employing the hench-man methods behind LKY’s core principles of building a Singapore to benefit all we the citizens of Singapore regardless of race, language or religion circa 60’s-80’s?

That third alternative is not fully in the hands of our youth – yet. They are watching us, expecting us to bequeath SG to them in order that they can further learn to bequeath SG to theirs.

I’ll make bold to suggest that NONE of the 7 youngsters in the 3 incidents will believe that National Service is worth a dime doing. All that glitters is worth naught if our next generation see little love to defend what we bequeath to them.

Now, that surely is predictive damnation and the future demise of LKY’s La La Land. I say this very sadly, even I have come to feel the same way – if the Singapore Story continues with the PAP’s current narrative.

Therefore, Change we Must.

End PAP’s dominance.